E.D. Michaels Vintage Dress

I am so excited to finally have my first dress listed on Etsy! This E.D. Michaels vintage dress is so charming and feminine. The small floral print makes it easy for everyone to wear and I love the cinched waist and flowy skirt… major TWIRL moments! We shot these at 8:30pm so the lighting was low and difficult to manage [for me anyway]. I really hope I was able to capture this dress and all it’s dainty glory.

and the dress that didn’t make the cut:

I really love this dress but unfortunately I noticed some permanent staining on the arm so she will not be listed.

*Special thanks to my beautiful cousin Holley for modeling these two dresses. It’s not easy to stand in front of a brick wall and model clothing. “Soooo where should I look?“* Welcome to my life Holley, welcome to my life [I firmly believe this is why bloggers are always wearing sunglasses].

See this dress and more -> Shop Academy Kids


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