Wearing Vintage Now

How gorgeous are my mini models Sabrina and Simona?! I absolutely love these girls and I am so glad they are always willing to stand in front of walls and show off my vintage goodies. The first time the girls came over to try on clothes one of them [I think Sabrina] said “wait, are these old? ” haha yup they’re old! But I think the girls were surprised at how easy it is to wear vintage aka “old clothes.” Here are a couple random things I’ve learned about wearing vintage:

Silhouettes: Pick pieces that you are familiar with, maxi dresses look good on everyone so that’s an easy choice. Know what works for you and wear it.


Go Small: If wearing vintage intimidates you, try it in small doses: vest, hats, scarf, jewelry.

Old and New: Mix your vintage pieces with new trends. High waisted 80’s skirt with a crop top and Converse… so hip it hurts.


Monochromatic: Try to keep it neutral or black and white. You will find some CRAZY vintage prints but you will also find some simple geometric ones.


Stupid Simple: Pick an easy dress that requires minimal effort.

Have Fun: I’m a firm believe that fashion should be fun. Try different things and get out of your comfort zone. And definitely try space buns… everyone should!

Shop all these looks at: Shop Academy Kids


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