Bowen 8 Months

Happy 8 Months Bowen!

Let me start this monthly update with a little disclaimer: this sweet-as-can-be boy looks rough in these pictures but it’s real life so whatever. Bowen is currently battling his second cold and getting his top teeth! Poor bub has watery eyes, a snotty nose, and drools nonstop… pretty much his entire face is constantly wet. And the marks on his nose, oh we will get to that.


Bub is still eating his baby food and loves puffs! I try to buy the boring flavors like spinach and broccoli and sweet potato. He is also very mobile and is already pulling up on the side of his crib. The best milestone of the month was Bowen saying his first word! We were laying in bed one morning and he popped his head up, looked directly at Alex and said “Daddy.” I’m working on “uh-oh” and “bye-bye” along with waving and some baby sign language [I will force education on you child].

His nose… so in combination with the frequent nose wiping, Bowen had a little accident. While I was getting the boys clothes, Keller decided to pick up Bowen and put him on the bed. Keller watches TV like me, in a light comatose, and as I was walking into the room, Bowen tumbled off the bed. He cried for a little bit but there was no permanent damage and luckily our bed frame is from IKEA so it wasn’t a long fall [Europeans and their low furniture for the win].


Even drooly and a little busted he is still cute!


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  1. Kristen, you make beautiful little baby boys. I have laughed at a lot of photos, but the final one was a belly roll. I have never see this child not happy. He just might have a hint of his Paw Paw Wade’s dimple in his chin. Just love you and your beautiful 3 boys. Can’t wait to see all of you. Keep this blog going. It is so inspirational. Loving all, Nana

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