In My Harry Potter T-Shirt

The boys are always getting adorable graphic t-shirts from Sheadybaby and I was starting to get a little jealous, so when I saw the adult size option… SCORE! Graphic t-shirts are so versatile and easy to wear. I also love that they show a little bit of your personality, Potter Head… yup!DSC_6612

So here are three things I do to make a graphic t-shirt look like I have not been binge watching House of Cards and crushing bags of Pretzel Crisp for three days straight:

1. Add Heels: Not only do heels dress up an outfit, they also make you walk a little different [and not because they hurt your feet]. I always replay the scene from Pretty Women in my head “Work it. Work it baby. Work it. Own it” when I wear heels. Subtract the whole hooker thing and this technique really helps.


2. Accessories: Throw em’ on and layer em’ up! Since most graphic t-shirts are simple, you can go heavy on accessories. Here’s a little trick I like, double up on statement necklaces for a STATEMENT necklace.


3. Tuck it in! I don’t really know why, but you could be wearing an old stanky shirt from the deep dark corner of your husbands t-shirt drawer and make it look pulled together by tucking it in.


And it wouldn’t be an outfit post without my little photobomber. Keller has taken a liking in dressing himself and he is a lot like his father: “green and green, I match.” Whatever, just give me snuggles and I’m happy.


Now back to Frank and Claire andddd the Pretzel Crisp.


PS: If you love graphic t-shirts, check out Sheady Baby and Co. and use code: BOWKEL for 10% your order!!

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