Madewell Hack – Baby Mama

Recently Madewell posted on Instagram a special offer for their new denim: FREE EMBROIDERED MONOGRAM. I was so excited because I’ve been wanting a customized Madewell chambray for a while now. When I got on the Madewell website I was like UMMMM, how am I going to justify a $50 shirt [on sale] to Alex.

I decided against the Madewell shirt because I knew I could make something similar myself. Target always has chambray shirts so I started there. Per usual they had a ton of options: long sleeve, dresses, various washes, even a vest.


I found this shirt in the clearance section [I think 30% off] and really liked the fit, just not the sleeves. Apparently I have juiced up biceps because I was “Hulking-out.” I used fabric scissors to follow along the seam and cut both sleeves off.


Next I used a light box [because for some reason we own one…wtf] and traced the words baby mama above the pocket. *I have done similar projects and used my laptop as a light box.*


The most difficult part was deciding on which color thread to use. Since my font was cursive and I wanted it to be noticeable, black was the best option. When my grandma passed away a couple years ago I found this carpet bag in her closet filled with thread, needles, and hoops. I never knew she was into stitching and I couldn’t throw it away, so it became my mission to at least learn the basics.


The basics are so basic it’s ridiculous. Put hoop on fabric. Tie knot in string. Stitch line. I accidentally stabbed myself three times and almost stabbed Keller once [DON’T CALL CPS, he came charging at me when I was pulling the line through] but other than that… cake.


From start to finish the project took me about three hours. That’s a rough estimate and I’m solely basing that number off the fact I watched two episodes of House of Cards and ate lunch before during that time.


I absolutely love how it turned out!! I think it has a vintage feel, kinda like an old bowling shirt minus the “Gary,” and the best part is, it only cost me $12.




2 thoughts on “Madewell Hack – Baby Mama

  1. You’re funny. I have some older, faded shirts that I would not consider wearing out the door, yet you do this deliberately, look fabulous and then walk out the door as though you’re ms. got rocks, and you do. Keep going. Nana

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