Halloween Costume: Zenon Girl of the 21st Century

Two years ago I did a really fun post about making costumes from things found in your closet. I wanted to continue this tradition, but last year I was knocked up… bleh. BUT this year I’m back at it and I’m going to do an easy DIY costume every week until Halloween. So first up: Zenon.

If you don’t remember this movie you probably weren’t a die-hard Disney head like me… aka you probably had a life and many friends. Zenon was a girl of the 21st century and lived in a space-station that orbited earth. Okay, whatever… back to the costume:

Things you need: Sparkly anything, metallic anything, SPACE BUNS [are a must], and my favorite piece: suitcase for space travel. I found this retro hard shell suitcase at a thrift store for $5. Add gold stickers from the party section of Target and voila.


I contoured with purple eye shadow and used pink on my eyes. I added white sparkles everywhere and if I had glitter I would have gone ape on it. Also, this top is not something that I previously owned, I found it while thrifting for the suitcase. Its definitely not my style, but it works for Zenon [thank goodness it was only $1].

Here is the full list of where everything came from [with similar]:

Hopefully you love this costume as much as my little 90’s heart does. I have four more easy DIY costumes before Halloween plus our family costume. Yup, we’re those people this year. I’m just going to leave this here for your viewing pleasure: Zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom my supernova girl.


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