Bowen 10 Month Update

I can’t believe at this point last year I was a big ball of hormonal fun. 10 months ago this beautiful man-bun baby came into our lives and has been the best thing for our family.


Clearly Bowen’s hair has continued growing [since birth] but he also has been growing some teeth, and by some I mean 7! He is teething like crazy and although his Willard Teething beads have been a godsend, he still has some rough nights.

The new thing this month is standing up on his own and trying to take steps. Bowen has managed to take one step without assistance and according to his pediatrician, walking is in the near future.

Bowen continues to do well at daycare and enjoys watching learning time. He is trying to clap his hands when you say “yayyy” but waving is proving to be a difficult trick for him [or he just doesn’t want to say hi to anyone].

Recently I have started planning Bowen’s first Birthday, which will of course be bear themed. I’m thinking black, white, and gold with bears and woodland animals. We’re going to celebrate at our house and this will be the only separate parties for the boys [since their birthdays are 10 days apart]. I will post my party ideas and inspiration ASAP.


Outfit Details:

I can’t wait to see all the things Bowen accomplishes this month. We are entering the “holiday phase” of the year and I am so excited for our family Halloween costume, our first Thanksgiving at Huckleberry, and CHRISTMAS with two boys.


P.S.: I know people might confuse him for a girl, but I refuse to cut Bowen’s man-bun… so zip it.

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