Halloween Costume: Cher

“I so need lessons from you on how to be cool.”


Cher Horowitz has been my spirit animal since 1995. I am in love with this movie and watch Clueless about once a week [I even own the soundtrack on vinyl].

Putting together a Cher costume is the easiest, especially since 90s fashion is in right now. Here’s what you need: cardigan, plaid skirt, cell phone, knee high socks, and a pink feather pen [if you can find one]. I opted for the Diet Coke because I felt like such a heifer. I had two bowls of Special K, 3 pieces of turkey bacon, a handful of popcorn, 5 peanut butter M&Ms, and like 3 pieces of licorice.

Now who wants to by my Dionne and Tai?


Long live the 90s!

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