Kiwi Crate – Arcade

This year Christmas was all about STEM projects for Keller. He loves learning, counting, and creating, so I was ecstatic when he received a Kiwi Crate from my sister. Kiwi Crate is designed for ages 5-9 [they have other crates for ages from 0-16+] and focus on hands-on learning. They are a subscription based company, so every month Keller will receive a new activity in the mail. Who doesn’t love happy mail?!


So the first crate we tried was the Arcade. Keller needed a little help, but for the most part he was able to put together the claw by himself. The instructions were easy to understand and the pictures really helped. I love when he gets in the zone and he sticks his tongue out when he is concentrating.


Once the claw was assembled it was time for the pom poms. I was really excited about this step because I’ve been wanting to try and make my own poms for a while now. Kiwi Crate provided the perfect “U” shaped tool and Keller easily managed this step of the project.


After everything was put together, it was time to test out the claw. The pom poms were placed in “hot lava” and Keller used his tool to save them. Everything worked perfectly and Keller has since saved many toys, picked up his cup from the coffee table, and scratched my head with the claw.


I am really impressed by Kiwi Crate and would definitely recommend it to all parents who have kids that like to craft, build, and create things. Can’t wait to see what activity Keller will receive next month!

– Kristen

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