2017: CREATE

So we are weeks into 2017 and I am just now getting around to posting my goals and aspirations for the year. My word for 2017 is create. I want to stretch my creativity, create memories, and create space for good things. I’ve had this blog for 3 years now and I feel like I constantly put it on the back burner but crave it at the same time. So my first goal will be:

1. Create time for blogging. I plan on coming up with a schedule for posting and types of post. I have to be planned out [maybe more so then other bloggers] it helps me organize my ideas and gives me inspiration. I’m thinking 52 outfit post [one per week], visit somewhere local, something motherhood related, and connect with other bloggers. I’m sure I’ll throw in other things [for the people who just like to look at the pictures of my husband surfing] but it’s a good starting point.


2. Create a healthy lifestyle. Okay not gonna lie, there’s something that sparked this… St. Lucia. Alex and I planned a week long getaway to the Caribbean island and it is giving us total motivation to get our bodies right. For me eating healthy is the easy part. Pro tip: try on your bathing suit, get super pissed, throw everything unhealthy in the outside dumpster. Works every time. I also just started a 12 week workout program [BBG] so if that goes well I’ll post about it.

3. Create memories with my people. We’re going to St. Lucia. We’re flirting with the idea of a family snowboarding trip. We’re getting a dog! We have a wedding in Houston. We need to go camping again and bring the boys. Keller has swim lessons this winter followed by soccer this spring. Bowen… well Bowen is 1 so he’s just down for the ride… but I do have some Little Gym time and possible swim lessons lined up for him.

dsc_9212Gotta lot of plans and looking forward to creating some awesomeness.


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