Plant Lady

I know I’ve posted before about my plant obsession but I thought I would do a little update and tell you what I’m loving and where I’m going for the greens.

Alex and I recently visited Anderson’s Garden Center [mainly to eat at Sage Kitchen and drink a couple Moscow Mimosas] and I was pleasently surprised at their plant selection. The nursery is divided into two section: the plants I can’t kill [indoor plants], and the plants I will murder before pulling out of the parking lot [everything else].

Another awesome green hub is Roost Flowers at the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach. Becky always has the most beautiful plants and stylish planters. The shop itself is a white, concrete, plant heaven [it will make sense if you visit]. The two white wall planters [see bottom pictures], the concrete vase on my glass table, and all the air plants are from Roost.

I use plants all over my house and in every room. In the bedrooms they are in pots, on the wall, and in hanging planters. I’m trying to resurect the snake plant in the teal planter [above picture] because it was orginally in a bathroom and has been slowly dying. I love having the hanging aloe in Kellers room so he can be “responsible” for keeping it alive. Baby steps before we get our puppy.


I don’t want anyone to think I’m some green thumb plant whisperer… I only purchase plants that can take some serious neglect: air plants, succulents, snake plant, aloe, yucca, etc. I’m also experimenting with turning used candles into planters. I’ll post that outcome on Instagram so make sure you’re friends with me there.

I would love to hear how you use plants in your homes. Anyone have a favorite industructiable house plant? Let me know!


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