Track Jacket

Monday through Friday I have to wear “teacher clothes,” which in my world is leggings and long sweaters. So when the weekend is here I try to sneak in pieces that don’t get a lot of opportunities, like this RVCA track jacket. I found this black and white beaut at Nordstrom Rack [not surprising]. Living in a beach town I appreciate a good deal on surf brands because lawd knows if I were to have purchased this jacket at WRV, Coastal Edge, 17th Street… well I wouldn’t of.


Yes, I know my bangs are a hot mess. They are at that stage that I need to trim them or grow them… and I think I’m going with the latter.


Outfit Details:

  • Sunnies: Ray Ban
  • Jacket: RVCA
  • Jeans: Volcom
  • Shoes: Puma [Worlds most comfortable shoes… whatever they make the inside out of, I want in giant form for a bed.]

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