Part-time Party Planner

I love throwing parties. Actually, let me rephrase that, I love PLANNING parties. The hostess part isn’t my favorite because I feel like a chicken with my head cut off, but the planning part… whew, gets me excited just thinking about it. I don’t claim to be a professional party planner, but I do think I have that creative eye in finding random things and making them come together. So here are pictures from a couple recent parties I’ve throw and tips I’ve discovered along the way.


Once I pick my theme or colors, I start on Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. For Bowen’s  bear themed party, I found an easy bear trail mix on Pinterest. Tip 2: Purchase things you can use again and again. I found these hard plastic containers at Walmart [a year ago] and have used them at every party since.


Another tip is to decorate with things you already own. I have a ton of house plants so I scattered them on the table and around the the house to go with the woodland theme.


Tip 4 is start at places like the Dollar Store, Target dollar bins, and Home Good clearance section for party supplies.

  • white scalloped cake stand: Target dollar bins
  • red polka dot cake stand: Home Good clearance
  • creepy plastic babies: Walmart
  • heart cups and straws: Dollar Store
  • gold metal crates: Walmart

Michaels dollar section is also good [especially for birthday party favors] and the Dollar Store sells balloons!


I have so much fun hunting and finding things for parties. Another tip: start collecting stuff early. You should see the amount of stuff I have for 4th of July… it’s February.

Anyone out there have any party planing tricks? I would love to hear about them!




  1. wow!!! This party looks amazing!!! I just did a car themed birthday party for my boy as well!! and shared my tips on how to make it all a little less overwhelming!! And I totally agree with your tips! love them!!

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