I am almost embarrassed to tell you how stinky and dirty these boys can get. I have said “you smell like a tree” more times then I would like to admit. For some reason, Keller has recently decided he doesn’t like baths. This kid will dive into our pool and tumble in the shorebreak, but if a drop of water gets on his face in the bath… AHHH! I NEED A TOWEL!


To get him excited about bath time, I decided to try SudPrize Fizzy Bath Ball. The bath bomb is made of natural ingredients and comes in a variety of animal packages. The boys loved holding the bath bomb as it dissolved and fizzed.


Judging from the picture above, Keller definitely enjoyed his purple bath and has already decided he wants to try Benji the Tiger next! I am so happy I found something to make bath time more exciting for my stinky boys.

Check out SudPrize to learn more about all the awesome charitable things they do and use the discount code: ANCHORED10 for 10% off your purchase!


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