Updated Office

We have lived in our house for almost a year and we are still “settling in”. Downstairs we have a formal dining room, living room, and weird random room that was probably used as a formal sitting area. After moving things around multiple times [my husband hates me] we decided to make that weird room the office.


At our last house I had a huge gallery wall of pictures, but I have been waiting for the perfect space to start one and I think I finally found it. Now some of those pictures will be replaced soon. I shot the one of Keller with the white background and it’s my artsy favorite. Perusal, there are no pictures of the second child, so I am going to get one of Bowen and put it in the large silver frame. I am also going to exchange the boats for a succulent photo Alex’s dad shot. Having his photography around our house is important to me, it is a reminder of perusing a hobby we both love.


During the day this room gets a ton of natural light, but there is no overhead light, so at night your stubbing your toes on desk corners and tripping over Theo [more on that later].  I found this gold floor lamp at Target and was kind of nervous about it because:

  1. It took Alex a while to put it together, so if I hated it I was afraid to tell him.
  2. It’s gold and pretty eye catching, which isn’t my normal go-to.

But I actually like it and it’s been a good way of bringing more metallics into our scheme.


Thankfully for our parents, we have a pretty wicked record collection. The only vinyls I have had to buy have been the Clueless Soundtrack and Taylor Swift because… well duh! I am currently in the market for a new record player, but once I have decided on that, it will sit next to the basket on the credenza. We’re so fancy, we bought it from Haynes [note the sarcasm].


Since Theo loves being under our feet, I put a dog bed [that used to be a pillow in Bowen’s “Reading Corner”] in the office. You can see how much he uses that in the above picture.


It feels good to have some progress on making this house ours. Next BIG project is removing those columns between the office and living room. Next small project is painting the last three rooms and our bedroom… finally!


P.S.: This picture accurately portrays what it is like shooting with a puppy. No such thing as personal space in this house.


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