Bag of Tricks – Carri Eight

It is officially summer break and beach days are going to be a standard fix on my Insta and Blog… so be prepared. There are some things you learn from being a beach mama: SPF 30+ [buy aloe in bulk], beach chairs with backpack straps, and a quality bag is a must!


When I found Carri Eight on Instagram, I thought the design was perfect for a diaper bag and a little disappointed I didn’t know about them when I was pregnant. Then I visited the website… holy schnikes: diaper bags, daily, picnic, lunch, and travel bags!


What I love about my Carri Eight Daily Bag is the functionality. The inside is lined with pockets, good for snacks, drinks, and beach toys. There is also a zipper pouch where I like to hide my keys, phone, and emergancy pacifiers [totally Bowen proof].

I added a few patches to my bag to give it a little touch of me. I also think tying a scarf to the strap would be a super cute way of changing it up.


Before I wrote this post I wanted to give this bag a good test. So here are all the ways I have used it this week:

  1. Beach bag [obvi]
  2. Laptop bag
  3. Transport library books
  4. Grocery shopping
  5. Toy carrier so Keller can scare Bowen at any given chance [see above photo]


I am so happy with this bag and can’t wait to bring it on all the beach trips this summer! I bet I find all those rocks in Bowen’s hand in the zipper pouch… maybe not so Bowen proof. Go check out Carri Eight and find something awesome for your summer adventures.

– Kristen

Incase you missed the links:


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