We have officially survived 18 months with this giant. I say giant because at his last appointment his length was in the 97th percentile [I am going to lose my mind when these boys are taller then me]! We celebrated 18 months of this drooly mess by taking him to get ice cream. I’ll save you the minor details, but as you can guess, Bowen had vanilla with gravel sprinkles.



Taking pictures with these boys is nearly impossible. I actually had a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction trying to hold Bowen and make Keller happy. And notice no one is wearing shoes because, well.. summer.



We are headed towards the end of the rompers era. Bowen will start potty training this month, so I have to get him in all the good ones before it’s too late. Hopefully potty training goes better than eating ice cream with a toddler.

– Kristen

Bowens Romper: Arrows and Lace Boutique

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