Nights in Manteo

A couple days before our anniversary Alex was acting weird. He’s normally pretty terrible at surprising me, not his fault, I’m just really good at putting things together. At first I thought he was buying me a navy blue Honda Pilot [I’ll keep plugging that], but after a suspicious event in our shared Google calendar, it all came out. With flowers and a card, I was told to be ready to leave at 10am and pack outfits, bathing suits, and an evening dress. He planned a weekend getaway to Manteo, North Carolina.

DSC_4640 copy

We have a thing for B&Bs so Alex booked us a room at the Roanoke Island Inn. It was so beautiful! The grounds were well kept and they had a gorgeous garden. We actually got stuck in the garden house during a rainstorm… way romantic.



The Inn provides bikes for guest so we snagged two and explored downtown Manteo. We stopped at a locally owned coffee shop for fuel, a few boutiques, and of course the only brewery on the island. It was absolutely perfect! One of the best anniversaries we’ve had so far… better then a navy blue Honda Pilot [but I still really love that car… shameless]


On our way home we stopped at the Jennette Fishing Pier in Nags Head and found this painted rock. On the back of the rock was a note saying to take a picture and rehide. With some light recon, I figured out the rock was originally painted in Ohio and found its way to the OBX! I can’t wait to find a good spot for it in Virginia Beach.

– Kristen

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