St. Lucia – Part 1

We have been planning this St. Lucia trip for over 6 months, so to see it finally come together has been really amazing. We found Serrana Villa on AirBnb and after reading the reviews, we knew it would be perfect for us.

The owner of the Villa, Janus, was more like a friend and concierge than a host. He coordinated all our rides, made all our reservations, and even showed us his new villa being built [Sargas Villa].

Here is what we did on our trip with all the links:

Sunday, August 6th: We arrived around 3pm and one of Janus’ drivers picked us up from the airport. We got to the Villa and made ourselves at home. For dinner Janus drove us into town to Petit Peak where Alex was introduced to his drink of choice for the week: Piton Beer. I had a Pina Colada [because I’m basic] and we tried our first Roti.

Monday, August 7th: We decided we were going to cook some of our own food during the trip so we visited the grocery store on Church Street. We bought some cereal, milk, plantains, mangos, popcorn, cheese, and my new favorite: BANANA KETSUP.

After that we decided to visit Anse Chastanet and Anse Mamin. Anse Chastanet is a resort on the island and around the bend is Anse Mamin [my favorite beach]. The sand is black from the volcano and the beach is very private. We were able to snorkel, read, and take a nap without anyone around.

Later for dinner we visited The Mango Tree Restaurant at Stonefield Resort and shared a seafood pasta dish. We had to get used to “island time” especially while eating. Dinner felt like an event every night and service is much slower than in the states. We didn’t mind though, gave us more time for pictures!

Rum Punch got me like: yeaaaahhhh.


Tuesday, August 8th: Our favorite activity during the trip was hiking Gros Piton. Now when I read “hike” I assumed paths and pretty views… this thing has pretty views, but not exactly paths. The mountain is 2,619 feet high and normally takes about 4-5 hours to hike.

Our guide was named Mervin, nicknamed the Mountain Goat because he holds the record for fastest climb. Mervin was the man. He talked about his kids and sung reggae with Alex. They both made fun of me for wearing Vans [tryna be cute] but I didn’t have a problem. Alex brought the camera bag [bad idea] and drank a couple Pitons the night before [worst idea] and threw up at one point. We were completely soaked in sweat but the views were totally worth it! We hiked the mountain in 3 hours 15 minutes [I’m weirdly competitive… and think we could’ve done it faster].


Later we had dinner at a local spot Fedos and ordered another Roti and finished off the night with a little Netflix… our legs were jello.

Wednesday, August 9th: Our next beach stop was Sugar Beach. The sand is white [hence the name] and the water beautiful, another great snorkeling spot.

We got there early and met the local vendors who work that area. Dr. Twist, a local artist, carved Keller a crab from wood. Lesta made an angelfish and a grasshopper from palm leaves, and Blaze provided fresh alcoholic bevies from his kayak.


Imagine a man coming into the cove balancing tons of fresh fruit, ice, and a blender on his kayak… it was quite impressive and by far the best drink I have ever had.

For lunch we kept it simple with Fedos to-go. I was very excited for dinner at Boucan [Hotel Chocolat]. We’ve read a lot about the dining experience and I couldn’t wait to see how they incorporated chocolate into every dish.


Boucan did not disappoint. Our food was delicious and interesting. Chocolate infused butter… what is life? The Piton Mountains are visible from almost everywhere we went, but I really enjoyed the view of Petit Piton from Boucan.


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  2. Incredible, my loves. So enchanting. Looking to the next episode. Loving you, Nana. (maybe I can babysit next time you take a trip). Nana

  3. It looks like you had an amazing time. Also, I hope you don’t mind me leaving this here, but after following your blog for a while, I wanted to take the opportunity to recognize you with The Blogger Recognition Award on my blog.

    Xx, Nailil

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