St. Lucia – Part 2

This is sort of obnoxious that this post took so long to write, but I couldn’t NOT post about the second half of our St. Lucia trip. So is the short and sweet of some other things we did, our favorite spots, and pictures:

Alex and I are not lay on the beach and do nothing type of people, so our favorite thing to do was snorkeling. We actually got a boat for the day and went around the island to find the best reefs. Superman’s Flight was a cool drop off [yes like Finding Nemo] and has been known to have sea turtles, although we didn’t get to see any.

We walked the Tet Paul Nature Trail which had super cool views and was way less sweating than the Gros Piton climb.

Our favorite place to go was Anse Mamin. Black sand beach with clear water and no one else around. We went here a few times to snorkel, drink, and lay out.



Dinner at Jade Mountain was a highlight, and the most expensive dinner I have ever eaten. The architecture of the resort is insane, seriously Google it. We had drinks on the top deck with a Russian model, author, and menswear designer… it was interesting. But seriously, it was the best way to end the week.


St. Lucia was perfect and we can’t wait to go back soon.

– Kristen


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