Big Mistake – Couples Halloween Costume

I have been obsessed with Pretty Woman since I was a little girl, which is kinda weird considering it’s about a prostitute and has some discussion of drugs and pimps [Mom, where were you?]. Regardless, the storyline is so great and there are so many quotes I like to drop on the regular: “Slippery little suckers.”


Alex never saw Pretty Woman until this past summer in St. Lucia… seriously. So after I forced him to watch it, I knew we had to be Vivian and Edward for Halloween. I actually wanted to be red dress at the opera Vivian, but Alex said this look was more iconic [or he just wants to see me wear it out… perv]. I ordered the dress off Amazon [linked below] but there are a few DIY options. Alex had the easy part: suit and dry shampoo.


Don’t worry, this is our couples costume. I have two more Halloween looks to share: family costume and Halloween makeup!


Outfit Details:

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