Don’t be a Basic Witch

I love dressing up for Halloween, but sometimes I wait too long and all the costumes are picked through… sexy nurse, I think not. You don’t need a costume to attend the Halloween party, you just need some black and white face paint. Here is an easy step-by-step Halloween makeup tutorial created by my sister-in-law [check out her zombie makeup tutorial here].


First: Using a water based white face paint, draw a line down the center of your face. Outline the “eye socket” and “nose hole” as well as the teeth area. Follow the natural curves of your cheekbone and jawline. Add teeth and paint in the white area.


Next: Fill in the remaining areas with black paint. Create the teeth on your lips by lightly outlining them the black paint. Use black eyeshadow to create dimension around the eye, nose, jawline and teeth.


I decided to only paint half of my face and do a classic look on the other side. I love the way it turned out and kinda wish I could wear it everyday!


Check out Jordan Hanz site for more Halloween makeup ideas!

Dress: Pink Blush

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