Falling for JORD

If there was ever a watch that was made for me, the JORD Fieldcrest is it.


How gorgeous is this JORD Fieldcrest wooden watch? This is not our first time working with JORD and they just keep getting better and better [check out my Frankie and Alex’s Reese]. The Fieldcrest is by far the simplest but feels so luxurious and lightweight. The natural maple is soft and the scratch resistance glass and perfect for klutzy type people [me]. I have received so many compliments on this watch in particular and it definitely catches your attention [but in the subtle way… if that makes sense].

Another thing I’m loving about JORD is they allow you customize your watch. You can have a message engraved on the back of the watch itself or on the watch box. With the holidays coming up, I think this would be such a cute and timeless gift.


So JORD has decided they wanted to give all of my readers the holiday hook up: CLICK HERE to instantly be emailed a 25% off coupon code [expires on December 19th]. Be sure to share this post with your friends so they don’t miss out!


*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by JORD Wood Watch. With that being said, all of my opinions are my own and I only recommend products I love and strongly support.*

Wooden Wristwatch

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