Thanksgiving with Romwe

This years Thanksgiving Day plans are a little different. I decided to sign up Alex and I for the 10K Turkey Trot the morning of Thanksgiving. So once we knock that out, we will head back to the house for the big Thanksgiving Feast [which my mom and mother-in-law are preparing because if I did it, we would be eating giant bowls of Fruity Pebbles… which actually sounds pretty amazing]. So I’m starting to think about what I’m going to wear to Thanksgiving and it needs to be comfy and oversized so I can go so hard on the cranberry jelly. Here are a couple of contenders from Romwe:

  1. V-neckline Twist Front Chunky Sweater
  2. Turtleneck Raw Cut Dip Hem Sweater
  3. Plunge Drop Shoulder Cable Knit Sweater
  4. Double V Neck Fluted Sleeve Jumper
  1. Hollow Out Scalloped Dolman Jumper
  2. Two Tone Drop Shoulder Jumper
  3. Lace Up Cable Knit Jumper
  4. V Neckline Slit Back Chunky Sweater

All the sweaters are linked! When ordering from Romwe, Shein, Forever 21, or other similar sites, I always read the reviews for sizing and fit. Most of the sweaters above are supposed to be oversized so you can’t really mess it up… too much.

Hope everyone eats their faces off this Thanksgiving!



  1. This is amazing selection you got here! I love ordering from Romwe, but from personal experience I would be really careful with ordering knit jumpers from there – they are very often a lot smaller in size, the sleeves tend to be short (halfway between your elbow and your wrist) and things that seem baggy and knit are often very slim and of knitlike material rather than knit.

    1. The quality is comparable to Forever 21. I like to get trendy things or statement pieces I want to try out but not spend a lot on [example: pink furry coat]. I would just check the reviews and any photos people post because sizing can be a little off [like Forever 21].

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