New Goals – Pretty Strong


I am a goal oriented person.

At the end of August I set a goal to run in a 10k. I didn’t train as hard as I wanted and lost some motivation towards the end, but I ran in the Turkey Trot yesterday. I beat my goal of finishing 6.2 miles in under 54 minutes. I enjoy running, especially when you get into that headspace [aka lost in the sauce], and I’ll probably keep it up for cardio but I’m also excited to start my new goal: Pretty Strong.

Pretty Strong is a workout program created for me by my former volleyball coach [but new strength coach] Eric Gerencir. The process of creating this plan was kinda funny. I would tag Eric in Victoria Secret models post and he would tag me in girls who could lift a car accounts. We decided to mix our two ideas together to create a workout program that will help me gain muscle without bulking up.

Right now the program consist of 3-4 workouts that I will complete each week. On the other days I will do cardio or yoga. At first I want to focus on the lifting and get comfortable in the gym. I do plan on researching a good diet plan once I’m settled, but for now I’ll just eat clean[ish].


If you are thinking about doing the “get in shape resolution” just start now. Your body doesn’t know the difference between November/January or Monday/Thursday… that’s all your head. I can’t wait to share more about Pretty Strong once I get settled in.

Anyone else have new fitness goals? Comment below and let me know, I would love to hear them!!



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