“I’ve got 99 problems but I’m going to yoga to ignore them for an hour.”

Week one of Pretty Strong and my legs are jello. I decided I definitely need to add in some yoga to help with relaxation, stretching, and recovery. It’s so nice to sit quietly for a little bit and think about nothing [especially when you have children, especially during the holidays]. Also, Alex always says I’m a nicer person after I go to yoga.

Yoga is also great with kids. I attempted some easy flows with my 5 year old and he loved it. We are working on mindfulness with him and teaching him ways to help calm down. This MamaRoo mat was the perfect size for both of us to practice together.

I have purchased a few mats from Target and let me be honest, smelling cheap rubber/plastic [whatever they’re made from] really effects my child’s pose. This MamaRoo Yoga mat is probably the softest thing I own. It is also super grippy [is that a word?] so I didn’t have to readjust and jump around like an idiot drawing mass attention to myself.

If you’re any type of yogi or looking for a good Christmas gift, you should definitely check out MamaRoo.


Mat: MamaRoo Yoga

*Use Code STAYINGANCHORED to get 25% off [good until 12/31]*

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