Glossy Glossy


I am so excited to share one of my favorite companies today: Glossier. I’m not sure how I found Glossier [probably Instagram] but I can honestly say I love these products. I started using Boy Brow about a year ago and quickly realized it is a gateway drug.

Here are five things I love about Glossier:

  1. Favorite Products: Boy Brow, Priming Moisturizer, Balm Dot Com. The Boy Brow eyebrow gel is so awesome. I am terrible at doing my eyebrows so this product makes it so easy to just swipe on and go. The Priming Moisturizer is buildable so it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy. The Balm Dot Com is probably my favorite! I put it on at night and my lips are soft and moisturized in the morning. Instant difference.
  2. Easy: One thing I look for in a skin regiment is convenience. I can’t commit to something that has washes, oils, sprays, spot treatments, creams at night, creams during the day…. ugh. I need stupid easy: wash, moisturize, balm. Glossier has many add-ons, but if are like me and just want the 3 step routine: Phase 1 Set is your jam.
  3. Packaging: Glossier products come in the best packaging. Their aesthetic is simple and clean but badass and quirky at the same time. They always hook you up with a free sample [of your choice], stickers/tattoos, and a pink bag [see #5].
  4. Customer Service: I love companies with great customer service. The people at Glossier are quick to respond to emails and always friendly. They definitely want you to be happy with their products.
  5. Pink Bags: This one is kinda silly, but I LOVE the pink bubble bags they send their products in. I keep them and use them whenever I travel.

I love Glossier and if you are interested in trying out any of their products, here is a 10% discount code.


P.S.: I order the Balm Dotcom Trio while writing this post. No Shame.


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