Pokémon Party

Keller wanted a Pokémon party and this year was the year I procrastinated. In the final hours I threw together this and luckily most of our family and friends were able to come celebrate.


No fancy invitations [which made me sad because I love the invitations] and no crazy party games. Just pizza, hanging out, and Pokémon cards. Luckily Party City had some balloons and I am a wizard on Amazon Prime. I did Pinterest [win] party bags though!


The party turned out perfect… the baby [now 2, but still will be referred to as “the baby” for the rest of his life] ended the night at CHKD Urgent Care with an ear infection. He managed to steal a couple cheese balls for the road and was pretty happy considering.

Not sure how it happened, but we somehow survived December.

– Kristen

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