That hurt like a…


I recently shared a “5 Random Things” post on Instagram and while I was typing it, I was laying on a table getting prepped to have one [of my five] tattoos removed. So naturally I included that bit of information in my post and received a ton of questions and messages. Apparently a lot of people are curious about the tattoo removal process so here is what I know and what I did:

  • I decided to have six treatments using a MedLite C-6 Laser [Q-switched laser] and a DeScribe Patch. The patch is pretty cool because it allows you to receive multiple treatments in one sitting.
  • So far I have received three treatments and let me be very honest, the first pass was the WORST. It hurt incredibly bad and I nearly tore the pillow apart trying not to move.
  • Black seems to be the easiest to remove and blue/green the hardest. Luckily most of mine is black and being a week out, I already notice a huge difference.

I go back in a month to received the last three treatments and hopefully after that I will only need a few spots touched up. I hope that by the summer it will be gone and I can lay out with no issues.

I’ll keep you updated on the process and if you have any tips/tricks for helping with pain during the first pass… PLEASE send that info my way.


*Disclaimer: The above picture is a temporary tattoo from a grocery store!*

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