Monastery Skincare

As I have gotten older I have realized the importance of picking beauty products based on ingredients and quality. I am starting to dabble into face and body oils and love what Monastery is all about. I haven’t been using the products long, but I am already impressed and couldn’t wait to share!

Here is what I love:

  1. Glow Up: I noticed a difference immediately after using the Neroli Black Oil. A few drops under my eyes and my skin was bright and glowy. I have also applied it all over my face and my makeup looked so dewy and fresh, it was amazing!
  2. Ingredients: Monastery products contain no harsh chemicals or alcohol. This is so crucial for my sensitive skin. Everything thing they put into these products is the highest quality and all natural.
  3. Vegan Friendly: I’m not a vegan, but what I like about this aspect is the companies thoughtfulness.
  4. Fragrance: The Hydra Hydrosol is made from eucalyptus and smells so beautiful. Just now Alex gave me a kiss and said “your face smells so good” [anyone else thinking of the Mean Girl line: your face smells like peppermint].
  5. Packaging: Modern and sleek packaging always make me happy. I love the glass bottles and the dropper, it makes application so easy.


Every time I write beauty reviews I end the post with buying more products. I just placed an order for the Rose Cleansing Oil and Lapiz Matte Body Oil so I will be sure to update you on how I like those.

In the meantime, here are the links to both products. Order yourself something lovely… you deserve it!


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